Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Evelynn's Perfectly Pink Pizza Party!

Evelynn is SIX YEARS OLD! To celebrate, she wanted to have a Pefectly Pink Pizza Party!

Mimi, Papa, and Grandma Buser came a little early for a little lunch and to kick off the celebration! Evelynn received this hula hoop (along with some other treasures) from Mimi and Papa, and it was a hit! I love how Evelynn holds her breath when she is doing it!

You go girl!

Lyla looks like a tornado when she tries!

Lyla gave Evelynn a beauty shop kit, and Mimi couldn't wait to play with it! Or was that the other way around?

My sweet little birthday girl, getting super excited for the party. By the way, will someone remind me next year not to wait until 5pm to have a party? Next year, it will start at promptly 7:15am. Kids will roll out of bed, and the party will commence! It was exhausting (and annoying) leading up to the evening hour!

As the kids came in, they began to color our giant castle!

My little artist was so excited for this part!
Also a great picture of the headbands my mom made for all the girls at the party!

It was also requested that we make necklaces, so we all made perfectly pink necklaces!

Time to make pizzas!

So fun!

Oh, and anyone who has ever been to a kids' birthday party, you know that this is usually what happens while kids open presents. There is no personal space. Everyone must crowd around the birthday boy or girl. It is all just too exciting! I love how they are literally standing on the chair WITH her! Hence why we did family gifts at an earlier time.
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